Sam Pacetti returns with the recording longtime fans have craved: jaw-dropping fingerstyle showpieces delivered with insouciant grace, stylish interpretations of songs from “Sweet Sunny South,” to “Psalms of Pain;” Merle Travis’ incendiary “Cannonball Rag,” and “Nine Pound Hammer.” Pacetti honors heirloom works of master musicians near and far: who would illuminate an organic connection between the urgent momentum of Scotland’s hoary ballad “The Drowned Lovers” and Cuban composer Leo Brouwer’s “Etude #6”? Sam. Stuart Duncan contributes fiddle to two tracks, Stephan Kowzlowski plays violin on two, Gabriel Valla rhythm guitar on one, and Elizabeth Williamson sings harmony.

  1. Eight More Miles to Louisville (Grandpa Jones)
  2. Psalms of Pain (Michael Jordan)
  3. Sweet Sunny South (trad)
  4. Church Street Blues (Norman Blake)
  5. The Drowned Lovers (trad)
  6. Etude #6 (Leo Brouwer)
  7. Lindsay (Archie Fisher)
  8. Medley: Nine Pound Hammer, Hanging with the Girls I Know, Richland Woman’s Blues, Back Porch Boogie (M. Travis, Thom Bresh, John Hurt, Buster B. Jones)
  9. Cannonball Rag (M. Travis)
  10. Caravan, Sheik of Araby (Juan Tizon/ Harry Smith & Francis Wheeler)
  11. No Cane on the Brazos, Mail Order Mystics (trad/Chris Smither)
  12. I’ll See You In My Dreams (Isham Jones)
  13. Doris (James Gamble Rogers)